Testimonials from happy clients

The Dolce Vita Duo featuring John Garland provided a great ambience and atmosphere at our Christmas party. Beautiful music at a level that allowed conversations but was highly enjoyable at the same time. Highly recommended!

Paul Groves

The concert on 3rd Feb '18 was brilliant! Interesting choice of pieces, lots of variation, each player in the quartet had opportunities to show what they could do, and the right amount of humor that was just the players being themselves. I've never been a big fan of jazz, Dave Brubeck and the MJQ were my taste once then it sort of died, but Monica and "the boys" have got my interest going again. Monica was outstanding!  How she manages to get such a beautiful tone out of cat gut and a wooden box is amazing, and she makes even the most complicated music seem so easy.

Mike Shearer

The Prague Restaurant Bar & Grill is the only restaurant in town that guests can enjoy incredible Czech cuisine and beautiful gypsy violin music. Monica and Reg love to serenade guests while they dine, which gives the show a personal and romantic touch. The live music enhances the ambience of the restaurant and makes you feel like you are overseas on holiday in Prague.

Jerry Kovarik

We had Monica perform at our wedding and it was a real treat. Everyone enjoyed her beautiful music and we were really happy to have booked her. Would highly recommend her! Thanks Monica for a memorable time on our special day.

Josh Lee

I was privileged to be able to attend The Hot Club Quartet concert at The Carlton Theatre. I was not disappointed. Monica is obviously a very competent violinist and is comfortable in whatever style being played from gypsy jazz, classical, latin, tango, modern, swing to name a few. Nothing seemed to be a challenge for this very competent musician. Add three very talented musician gentlemen to the Quartet and you’ve got one great show! This concert was exceptional and all those present would agree that it was a very professional and enjoyable evening. When’s the next show?

Coralie Costigan

Thinking about Saturday night, I often leave a club wishing the band had played a certain song or had done something differently....but not that night, every piece you played/sang was spot on, especially Tico Tico. Shame to those that missed it but will be bringing friends to the next Party Like Gatsby event.

Edward Ellis

We booked a table after seeing the event "The Gypsy Fiddler" pop-up on my news feed. The food was flavorful, warming to the soul and filling. It was delightful to enjoy our meal with a talented violin and guitar duo. The duo provided a great atmosphere and the occasional serenade as they meandered through the dining area. We were wonderfully blown away with the adventure!

Willow Noire

Fantastic afternoon of great music and entertainment with Swing dancers and the D'esly Tap Dancers. Thx Hot Club Quartet

Cate Bwcle

In May 2018, the Officers' Mess organised a roaring 20's cocktail party at The Brewery function room. The resounding success of the evening was the Hot Club Quartet who performed a marvelous repertoire of classy jazz numbers. A highlight of the Quartet was Monica the jazz violinist. Her talent on the strings had the whole crowd jiving to the music. Thank you Monica for making it such a great night.  

Simon Richarson